Raúl Santiago García López

Raúl Santiago García López

domingo, 20 de julio de 2008

Detalles tecnicos del Summer Camp de la Ecosy


1. Address of the Summer Camp
The 9th ECOSY Summer Camp venue is the Route de St.Didier, Hippodrome
St.Ponchon, Carpentras.

2. Arrivals and departures
Arrivals are foreseen for Friday, 25th July. The registration desk will that day be open
from 9 a.m. Until 8 pm last registration.
Departures are foreseen for Thursday, 31st July. Participants are requested to leave
the Summer Camp venue by mid-day, 12 o’clock latest.
Pick-up from Avignon TGV, Train Stations and Airport is provided by MJS France
Comrades on 25th July, accordingly to what has been communicated to Houda
Nedder, ECOSY Summer Camp Project Officer till deadline of Tuesday, 8th July 2008.
For departures, please make sure that all the Heads of Delegations check at the Info
Point the departure schedules and lists latest by Monday, 28th July.

3. Parking
No vehicles are authorised at the Summer Camp area, except the one necessary for
Organizers and First Aid. For that reason there are parking places for buses, vans
and cars in Marche Gare, Route de Valleron, Carpentras. You/your bus will be
directed there from the reception.

4. Rules and regulations
Signing the Rules and Regulations Agreement was a vital requirement to register the
Delegates to the Summer Camp. They are printed in their entirity in this booklet and
under all circumstances must be obeyed for the safety and well-being of all.

5. Political program
The political program takes place in the Workshops Tents and Plenary area. It is
described in detail in the following pages of this booklet.
Due to security reasons the areas not in use according to the program will be closed,
like the Workshops Area once workshops/universities have finished for the day.

6. Air-conditioning
All the workshops’ tents and the plenary tents are air-conditioned.

7. Accommodation
Accommodation is provided in tents. The tents are for 2 people and must not be
used by more than that.
The tents are counted, clearly marked and divided by exact numbers from among
the delegates. Therefore participants may be accommodated only in tents that are
assigned for their delegations. Security is authorised to confiscate tents that your
delegation’s comrades may have brought to the Summer Camp.
There is no possibility of constructing your own tents in the sleeping area due to the
security reasons.
Broken Tents must be reported immediately to the Security who will then come to
the spot and ensure with the Management Team that an appropriate solution for the
problem is found.
Tents destroyed by participants themselves due to disregarding the Technical Details
will not be replaced.
Any additional constructions, including private fences around one delegation’s tents,
fences and ropes are not authorised due to security reasons.
Fire is a big danger at the summer camp, especially because there is no shade in the
sleeping area. The tents are made from flammable material and the strong wind
existent in Carpentras can spread fire easily. This is why we ask for your
understanding and support the absolute ban of smoking in the Accommodation Area
along with the prohibition of the use of any fire (grill, lamps etc.). Any grilling
equipment, any fireworks etc. will be confiscated by security immediately once seen.
Music and partying is authorised only in the Leisure Time area after 23.00 and before
8 a.m. Please respect the right of other comrades to peaceful relaxation and sleep!
There is a cleaning team that will help us all to keep the site as tidy as possible;
however it is a joint responsibility of us all to try to preserve that cleanliness. Please
make sure to bring your trash to the nearest litter bin. For the well being of all –
please make sure not to leave any items in the sun – as they may go bad or as in
case of glass, cause fire.
We would advise you to keep valuable things with you for the entire time. ECOSY
and MJS do not take any responsibility for lost items.

8. Toilets and showers
The toilets and showers are provided by MJS and will be cleaned several times a day
and emptied frequently. Nevertheless in order to keep them tidy all the time,
participants are requested to have some common courtesy whilst using them and to
leave them in same state they have found them upon entry.
Please do not dispose of any trash into the toilets or under the showers, as that
endangers the safety, may break the installation and ultimately limit the number of
facilities in use.
In case you notice any problems with facilities, please report it to Security at the Info
Point. This will allow a rapid reaction and increase our ability to find a solution to the
problem, thus ensuring that all toilets and showers are in an appropriate condition
and usable for the entire time.

9. Plug-points
Due to the security reasons the plug-points are not provided in the sleeping area.
You can charge your mobile phones however in the Computer/Internet room.

10. Drinking water
Drinking water is provided at the Summer Camp venue for the entire time for free.
There are seven points where you can fill in your glass/bottles with water.
There is also a possibility to buy bottles of water in the bars.

11. Cups
There will be one cup provided for each participant. The cups are to be kept and
guarded by participants, as altogether we aim at being environmentally friendly.
There will be a possibility to purchase extra cups and also obtain them temporarily or
in exchange for having found a cup and bringing it back to the bar undamaged.

12. Food
Food will be served by the MJS volunteers in the Leisure Time area at the following
A continental breakfast will be served daily between 09h00 and 13h00.
A hot dinner will be served daily between 21h00 and 24h00.
Meals can be received in exchange for food coupons that each participant will receive
from his/her Head of Delegation after registration. Each coupon is marked with meal
and date for which it is to be exchanged, and there is also a clear distinction between
vegetarian and non-vegetarian tickets.
After the meal participants are requested to remove their plates and cutlery and
dispose of them in the marked places.
In case tickets are lost, the loss must be reported to the Management Team by the
Head of Delegation. Replacement of the lost tickets will be charged at 25€ per new
set, which will be given after the claim for a new one is signed by the Head of
Delegation. The 25€ additional charge will be collected and given to MJS.

13. Shopping
There will be a market/shop organized in the area of the venue. It will be possible to
buy there food, beverages and items of first need. Payments there can be made by
credit cards or in cash.
The other nearest shops are approx. 2 km away in the Carpentras city centre.

14. Bars
There are 4 bars located in leisure time area and also one in the Workshops Tents
area. They are run by MJS crews and will serve various products. The prices of the
products are, to give example:
Coffee 0,50€; Beer 2€; Glass of wine 2€; Glass of soft drink 1,50€; Ice-creams 3€;
hot-dogs 2€.

15. Alcohol
Alcohol will be sold in the bars. The sale of alcohol is based on license – for which
reasons it is forbidden to distribute or sell strong alcohol (i.e. vodka) at the Summer

16. Cash
The nearest ATM (cash machine) is in Carpentras city centre.
To enable you to pay in the bars, MJS has created a Summer Camp monetary
system. You can purchase the coins in the Info Point with cards and the use to coins
to pay for food and beverages in the bars.
In addition it is also possible to pay by cards (credit and debit ones).

17. First aid
First Aid point is located next to the Info Point in a special Tent. It will be staffed by
licensed personnel, open for 24 hours a day and in case of emergency, in immediate
contact with hospital. An ambulance is ready to leave from the Summer Camp area
at all times. It provides service in two languages of the summer camp – French and
In case there is a need for hospitalisation, the Management Team will notify
immediately and will undertake the contacts with the Head of Delegation.
Management Team will ensure presence of one of the MJS volunteers as soon as
possible – preferably in the ambulance, but in the hospital at the latest. Notification
of the family of the patient is a responsibility of the Head of Delegation, which, if
necessary, the Management Team will facilitate.

18. Internet
There is an internet point located under the hippordrome stands in the Internet
Room. Due to the number of computers, time allowed on each of these is restricted
to 15 minutes.
In addition to the internet room, the Leisure Time area has wi-fi access.

19. Info Point and Information System
The Info Point is located in between the Leisure Time area, workshop area and the
Political Village. It is open 24/7 and is staffed with MJS volunteers and ECOSY Staff.
This is where you can report all your cases, and also register for activities (sports,
excursions). In specific issues the presence of your Head of Delegation will be
The sound system will be used for information and communicating to participants the
beginning of workshops etc. Additionally to that the Summer Camp TV and Summer
Camp Newspaper will be used to broadcast important updates.

20. Flags, symbols and advertisement
Organizations and their mother parties flags, symbols and promotion materials are
very welcome at the summer camp. At the same time, in accordance to Rules and
Regulations, and also in the spirit of ECOSY tradition and policies, the national/state
symbols (including flags) are strictly forbidden and will be removed and confiscated
once seen..
For Organizations’ materials and exhibitions, there is a special area provided, named
the Political Village. Additionally materials can be presented at the Party evening.
Any other advertisement has to be agreed with the Summer Camp Management
Removing or destroying ECOSY and MJS materials (banners, flags, posters) is

21. Newspaper
There will be a special Summer Camp newspaper produced daily with the previous
days’ gossip, interviews with speakers and updates on what will be on that day. If
you want to get involved with this, please come to the Info Point to get more
information and register, but no later than 11 a.m. on 26th July.

22. Lost and found
Neither ECOSY nor MJS takes responsibility for lost items. Therefore, please make
sure to keep your valuable belongings with you for the entire time.
We would also advise a special attention as far as the Summer Camp welcome bags
are concerned – there will be 2000 of them delivered to participants, which makes
them easy to be lost or taken by others by mistake. Make sure not to leave them
Any found items should be brought to the Info Point, which during the Summer
Camp will serve as “Lost and found” office as well.

23. Wrist-bands
Everyone at the venue of the Summer Camp is obliged to wear a wrist-band on
his/her wrist. Security and Management Team can demand from you to present it at
any time and if failed, you risk being escorted to the Info Point for clarification. Head
of the Delegation will be immediately called to the spot to assist. As long as the issue
is not clarified, the person will not be authorised back onto the Summer Camp Area.
Wrist-bands are distributed to the Heads of Delegations upon arrival in exactly the
same number as the number of members of the delegations.
Wrist-bands are your passports to the Summer Camp areas. There are different
colours of wrist-bands i.e. for participants, volunteers, guests etc. and they all are
connected with access to different area i.e. guests cannot access the sleeping area.
In case the wrist bracelet gets damaged, participants are requested to report
immediately to their Head of Delegation and together come as soon as possible to
the Registration Area. A new wrist bracelet will be given only in exchange with the
broken one and after the verification of the participants list. The Head of Delegation
will need to sign the statement, confirming the broken wrist bracelet and its
replacement. Lost bracelets will not be replaced, unless it is cross-checked with the
Management Team and the Head of Delegation that the participant is a member of
the delegation, signs a statement confirming the loss and reassuring in a legally
binding way that the bracelet was not transferred to any third persons. In case the
wrist bracelet is lost, the same procedure will apply and the participant will incur a
cost of €20.

24. Security
There are two kinds of security guards patrolling ECOSY Summer Camp venue. The
first is professional (and accompanied by dogs) and the second is MJS volunteers.
We remind you however that in case of a violation of the law by any of the
participants, the case will be reported to the police and neither MJS nor ECOSY take
any legal responsibility for the act or its legal consequences.
Security guards must be obeyed in their requests. In case of trouble, the parties
involved will be escorted to the Info Point, where presence of Heads of Delegations
will be demanded to solve jointly with Management Team the existing crisis
In case you spot anything that requires their intervention – do not hesitate to ask for

25. Swimming pool
The wrist-band is a passport to the Swimming Pool that is located 600m away from
the gate of the Summer Camp (please see the map). The swimming pool is open
from 10h to 19h45.
While using the Summer Camp, please ensure that you do so in accordance to the
Swimming Pool Rules of Safety and in a way that will not disturb other users – as not
all the swimmers will be from our camp!
The road between the Summer Camp area and the Swimming Pool/Sports facilities is
closed for the time of the Summer Camp and accessible therefore only for us and by
local inhabitants (whom we shall all try not to disturb too much). However there is a
channel/little river on the way between Swimming Pool/Sports Facilities and Summer
Camp area – we urge you not to swim in there, as the water is connected with
industrial sites and is rather polluted.

26. Sports
The Summer Camp has full use of the sports facilities shown on the map. Among
them are:
The sports area will be locked when it is not in use, but please remove all belongings
after each scheduled event.
MJS will organize sports championships in i.e. football, volleyball, rugby etc. For
more information and registration please contact the Info Point as soon as possible,
but no later than on 26th at 11 a.m., when the registration for tournaments will be

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